Audio Chapter 28—Jessica: More than a loaf of sourdough

Here is the next chapter in my #pandemic #romance, Falling in Love While Working From Home.

On a warm May day, it appears the world is reopening after a dreary covid-19 lockdown. Hanna takes Lori to play in the park and Jess makes her way to see Dan, saving a cat on her way to her first kiss with Dan.

From Falling in Love While Working From Home.

Next Wednesday: 
The last chapter—Chapter 29

Dan: Flowers and kittens, Jessica: Space and time

Thanks for sharing your ideas for my pandemic romance!

The last printed chapter of FALLING IN LOVE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME has already run. The final audio chapter runs next week.

Miss a chapter or want to re-read? All printed and audio chapters are here.

Thanks for your ideas which definitely enriched the story of our pandemic-stay-at-home quarantine. I thought by now it would all be over, didn’t you? I’ve appreciate funny comments, interesting stories, ways the pandemic has made normal events, well, unusual.

Together we have written a great story to remember the lockdown of 2020.



Inn By the Lake, my sweet modern love story set at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland, will be released in December. Pre-order it now here.

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