Dear readers, Although I promised the next chapter of FALLING IN LOVE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME, I must step away today. I have a deadline and it cannot be missed. I still welcome your ideas. I have written (or at least outlined) every chapter but for a killer idea I’m willing to revise. See you…

Audiobook: Chapter 11

Dan dreams up a way to celebrate Lori’s birthday despite the #pandemic. Lori’s delighted. Dan is a hero to the little girl, maybe even to Jessica. Here is the audio version of  the next chapter of Falling in Love While Working From Home, Chapter 11—Dan: Birthday wishes, Jessica: Birthday surprise. Continued….next Wednesday Chapter 12—Dan: April Showers. …

Audiobook: Chapter 10

Three weeks into the Covid-19 During yet another walk with his dog Rex, Dan discovers Jessica’s secret. Jessica discovers something else, she might just be falling for Dan. Here is the audio version of  the next chapter of Falling in Love While Working From Home, Chapter 10—Dan: Secrets, Jessica: Revelations Continued….next Wednesday Chapter 11—Dan: BIRTHDAY WISHES.…


Chapter 11 April 9, 2020, 10 a.m. Dan: Birthday wishes  I straighten the oversized red and white striped top hat on my head and then adjust my red bow tie before sending the Zoom invite. Of course, I look ridiculous. But that is the point. I want to see little Lori laugh at what I…

Chapter 10—Dan: Secrets

Chapter 10 April 7, 2020, 4:30 p.m. Dan: Secrets Rex has learned to sense when I am turning in a story. I guess it’s the way I shut my laptop and push it away.  “C’mon, boy.” He’s already on his feet, his tongue hanging out and his wagging tail swiping all the cups, plastic, from…

Audiobook: Chapter 8

Jessica calls Dan by mistake while trying to reach her friend for help after an accident. Dan is both worried by her tone and hurt by how quickly she hangs up. Here is the audio version of  the next chapter of Falling in Love While Working From Home, Chapter 8—Jessica: ICE, Dan: Icy Continued….next Wednesday Chapter…

Chapter 9—Jessica: Essential trips

When I don’t answer the call for our FaceTime happy hour, Hanna texts me. “Where the hell are you?”

I raise my phone to thumb in a text. Or more accurately, a call for help. “On the floor. I’ve been trying to call you for fifteen minutes.” Is that all it is? It feels like three days.

Audiobook: Chapter 7

The trouble with Zoom calls is how visible you are to everybody else—and to yourself. As Claire goes through the news budget with the rest of the staff, I find my attention wandering to Rashima who’s got the baby on her lap.
She’s my hero during this crisis.

Chapter 8—Jessica: In Case of Emergency

I woke up feeling like a little like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day.” I know that’s not an original thought but it’s totally appropriate. Today looks pretty much like yesterday. I look at my calendar and every tomorrow looks like today.