Chincoteague: Where the ponies are

“ I want you to say to me, ‘Willa, I’ve decided to take your advice and go see what my sisters are cooking up.’ Visit your sisters and your parents. Hug your nephews and see the ponies.”
Charlotte’s friend paused for effect. “It can’t hurt. Can it?”
Yes, of course it could. Henry was there with what’s-her-name and their child. I’d avoided such a meeting for eight years.

FEARLESS SUMMER: My new book is out now!

When NASA’s Wallops Island with it wide open field dotted with impressive satellite dishes appeared on my left, I felt a twinge deep in my belly. It grew stronger as I started across the causeway to Chincoteague Island. That’s how Chapter Three of FEARLESS SUMMER brings Charlotte home to Chincoteague. Seeing the facility that launches…