Novelist Mary K. Tilghman is an ardent traveler, devoted mom, and award-winning journalist.
Her historical fiction and sweet modern love stories feature characters who must leave home—
to discover their true selves and find the lives and loves they always wanted.

DSCN1166I’ve spent 45 years as a journalist, always chasing facts, figures and quotes.

Then I discovered fiction. Facts are still nice but now I could make it all up! History adds a little fact to my fiction. When I began thinking about how ordinary people respond to extraordinary times, I knew what I wanted to write about.

As a journalist, I’ve written for Maryland-based community newspapers and I’ve written six travel guides for Frommer’s  and one for  Globe-Pequot. I still freelance but spend most of my time in my own little fictional worlds.

Divided Loyalties was written during during National Novel Writing Month in 2015. Black Rose Writing published it July 27, 2017, and the second edition with a new cover was re-issued in 2019. The book was included in CBSBaltimore’s 5 Baltimore Authors to Put On Your Summer Reading List.

Love Letters & Gingerbread re-tells in my own humble way Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Patsy may feel love deep in her soul but while she’s pining for Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right is standing beside her loving her in his own quiet way. Meanwhile, her sensible older sister Angela prefers a more thoughtful action-oriented love, even as she secretly longs for the young man who has stolen her heart. While these two young women figure out what love is, they’re in for a Christmas they’ll never forget.

I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Maryland Romance Writers, the Historical Novel Society and the Maryland Writers Association. You can find me on Twitter at @MaryKTilghman and on Pinterest at MK Tilghman.

Enough about me. Let me know about you. You can reach me at maryktilghmanwrites (at) gmail.com. (You do know you have to use the @ sign in the email address, of course.)

Or if you prefer, fill in the form below. You’ll be the first to know when my books are published or when I have other readers’ and writers’ goodies.

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