‘Are the places in your book real?’

In FEARLESS SUMMER, I used lots of real places, my favorite places, shops and restaurants that I need to visit to make my Chincoteague experience perfect. Because there are so many, I didn’t include them all. But as I wrote about Charlotte’s return to her hometown, her conversations with her sisters, and her meeting with her lost love, I added real places.

Ice cream on a hot summer day? Yes please. Island Creamery and Mr. Whippy serve up some of the best. Be prepared for lines. The reward at the end will be delicious.

“Pony Tracks? Is that still your favorite ice cream flavor?”

It was all she ever ordered when we stopped at Island Creamery…


Need a book to read on the beach? Sundial has best sellers, works by local writers, and lots of great used books. It also has the best posters of local places, work by local art and Chincoteague stickers for your car.

I pushed open the Sundial bookstore door and slipped inside.


The Brant is one of many local shops full of souvenirs and gotta-haves for beach living. If I could only go to one shop the whole week of my vacation, I stop here. Usually with a full car since everybody in my extended family feels the same way.

I aspired to work at the Brant, a big barn of a place that always seemed crowded…

Crab eggrolls…

We eat in since there are 25 of us visiting Chincoteague. But when we break into little groups, the nearby Ropewalk is one we like to visit. It might be the outside bar that draws us or it might be the crab egg rolls, like the ones Charlotte enjoys with her sister in FEARLESS SUMMER.

“See you at Ropewalk about six?”


There’s one more place I ought to mention and that’s the Pony Tails candy shop. If you like candy this is your dream shop. It’s not my model for Chincoteague Sweets in FEARLESS SUMMER, but Charlotte, Anne and Emily do carry their salt water taffy!

We’re going to sell Pony Tails saltwater taffy, jellybeans, and all kinds of non-chocolate candy. 


Want to know more about this magical Virginia island? Then read my book! The e-book is out now from Champagne Books. The paperback will be released in time for next summer’s reading.

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