Ode to the farmers’ market

“Hi, Mom. What are you doing for dinner tomorrow? Maybe you and Dad would like to come over to my apartment? I just got some beautiful tomatoes and corn.”

Chincoteague’s farmers market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday summer and fall.
Some of the goodies I bought the last time I visited.

Don’t you love farmers markets? Do you have a favorite? I do.

In my new sweet romance, FEARLESS SUMMER, Charlotte meets Henry and his seven-year-old daughter Daphne at the farmers market. I couldn’t write my Chincoteague book without mentioning their wonderful Wednesday and Saturday markets on Church Street.

My sisters, father, aunt and an assortment from the next generation get up and out of the house early for Wednesday’s market. We want to make sure we get the best of the summer bounty on hand. Peaches, like the ones little Daphne drops, and certainly tomatoes and corn. Clams from Tom’s Cove are a must.

There’s more than food. I usually come home with something else: a handmade wreath, jams and jellies—oh wait, that’s food. There’s also jewelry, wood cutting boards, candles and photographs, all produced by local artisans. I’ve even bought a self-published novel for my TBR pile. I’ll get to reading it one of these days but for now I’m happy to support another novelist. There’s usually a musician singing or playing his/her heart out.

We go home laden with good things, knowing dinner that night is going to be fresh and delicious.

Everything smells good, tastes good and looks good. Can’t wait for another chance to visit.

If I’ve whetted your appetite for more about Chincoteague, check out FEARLESS SUMMER. The ebook is out now. The paperback will be out in time for next summer’s reading.


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