Audio Chapter 28—Jessica: More than a loaf of sourdough

I pulled him close, took off his mask—brazen woman that I am. And kissed him.
And I’ll do it again. I’m sure of it. I sit beside him as his gaze takes me in inch by inch. He’s studied my hair, badly in need of a cut, and he’s gone over every inch of my face and my body. On a normal day, I’d feel self-conscious. But today, it’s wonderful to be the center of attention.

Audio Chapter 27—Dan: Flowers, candy and apologies

“C’mon, Rex.” Like I have to prod him to hurry after Monster.
We race around the corner where a woman wearing an Old Bay mask is picking up the little creature.
It’s Jessica. My heart gets a workout like nothing it’s experienced before. It pounds out a tune before rising with joy when she looks up at me and smiles.
“Look what I found. This little kitten ran right into my arms.”
Smart cat. Exactly what I wish I could do. I stop about ten feet away. I don’t know if I should get any closer to the woman who isn’t speaking to me.

I love my readers

I had the most marvelous time yesterday at The Greyhound, an independent bookstore in Berlin, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Quaint Berlin, once dubbed “America’s Coolest Small Town,” is located a half hour from Ocean City and Assateague Island, Md. The bookstore is filled with best sellers and the works of local writers. I’m thrilled to…

How to keep warm this holiday season

E. Elizabeth Watson has shared on her blog a long wonderful list of holiday reads, everything from my little book, Love Letters & Gingerbread, to her Scottish romance Christmas Wore Plaid to a collection of Hanukkah stories. Lots are historical fiction, including those rugged Scots and the always popular Regency. But there are contemporary romances,…

Come to the Baltimore Book Festival

This weekend, Nov. 1-3, booklovers will gather at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to snatch up some new books and book-related stuff and—my favorite part—to see and listen to lots of authors writing lots of great books. The Baltimore Book Festival has become my home in the past few years. Cancel everything! I have to hang with my…

What are you reading? Summer edition

This summer I’ve gobbled up so many beautiful books: Here’s a list, probably not complete, though these have had a profound effect on me as a human being and as a writer. ON THE COME UP, by Angie Thomas. I listened to this one, just as I listened to her audiobook of THE HATE U…

Get to know us on Facebook

I have joined the most awesome group of writers. We’ve formed a Facebook page, Off the Beaten Path Historical Stories, designed for readers so we can share what we’re writing, researching, studying and reading. And so we can get to know those people we love almost as much as our own family. Our readers. We are…