I wouldn’t write if I didn’t have readers

On the second day of Christmas…

I know those twelve days are supposed to start on December 25 and run to Epiphany, Jan. 6, but I want to offer my gratitude for the people and things that make the writing life possible for me.

Today, I’m celebrating readers.

Since my first book was published almost five years ago, with balloons and a party, champagne and cake, I have been grateful that anyone would want to read my books.

If you cracked open my Civil War tale DIVIDED LOYALTIES, followed the stories of Angela and Patricia in LOVE LETTERS & GINGERBREAD, fell in love with an inn or the innkeeper’s son, or got a little seasick or lovesick on a ship in THE LAST GIFT, thank you.

Thank you if you told me you liked it. Thank you if you left a review on Goodreads or Amazon.

Thank you if you bought another copy to share with a friend or relative. Thank you if you recommended to someone. Thank you if you weren’t really sure you wanted to read it but decided it was worth a try—or you’d give it to your wife.

Thank you if you are a librarian who ordered a copy for your readers. Thank you if you stopped by one of my book signings in a library, a bookshop, or at a lavender farm or a park in Western Maryland.

Thank you if you signed up for my newsletter because you want to know when my next book hits the bookshelves. Sign up now, if you want all the news in 2022.

Every time someone picks up my book and reads it, I am grateful. What would be the point of writing, if not for readers? I write for you.

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