Chapter 23—Dan: Not so welcome

A paper cup of soda left last night on the coffee table has been overturned. When I realize it, I’m suddenly fully awake, holding my breath as I check my computer. Last thing I remember, I left it on and open.

I’m in trouble. That sticky stuff is all over it. Brown goo has pooled between the A and the S and all around the return key. When I type, the A, or rather the aaaaaaaaaaa, taunts me for being a stupid boy. Never leave root beer and a keyboard near each other when there’s a cat in the house.

‘Falling in Love…’

When I started writing my pandemic romance back in March, I thought life would be back to normal by now. Stores and restaurants would be operating normally…we’d be gathering for concerts and festivals…we’d be well and the hospitals would be empty of all the covid-19 patients. I was wrong. Consequently, I plotted out my novel…

Audiobook: Chapter 20

“How’s Lori holding up?”
“She’s fine. We has a visitor yesterday and I’m waiting for her to ask me about him.”
“Yeah?” Now I’m curious.
“Her dad came to see us.”
I did not see that coming.

Chapter 21—Jessica: Private Lives

May 5, 2020 2:00 p.m.Jessica: Private lives “Is everything all right, Rashima?” We’ve spent the past hour dividing the work on our Memorial Day story, reviewing our interview list. And it looks like it’s going to be a really good story. Really sad, too. We’re talking to veterans who have survived both war and covid-19.…

Audiobook—Chapter 19: Colin

“Your daddy?” My heart shudders to a stop as I grab a kitchen chair for support. It can’t be.
“That’s what he said, Mommy.” Lori takes a bite of her sandwich, watching me like I’m about to perform a magic trick. I’d like to disappear but that isn’t possible.

Chapter 20—Dan: What’d I miss?

I don’t even know how long I was sleeping on this couch. A glance at the clock tells me the truth. I lay down around supper time yesterday and it’s suppertime again. Poor dog, I look with extreme guilt at Rex. He hasn’t had a thing to eat all day.

Chapter 19—Jessica: Colin

Why would Colin show up here? Why now? I haven’t heard from him in seven years. I didn’t even ask him for child support. I didn’t want to be tied to him for even one little thing once he walked out.