Have you seen ads for my books?

Here’s a screen shot of an ad for Amazon.

Besides my website, this blog and social media, I have attempted to get news about my books out into the world through paid ads.

I took advertising copywriting classes back in the day (so long ago you can write about the era and call it historical fiction.) But do I know what grabs readers’ attention in the 21st Century?

No, I do not.

But I’m going to keep on trying. I didn’t write my books for me. I wrote them for everybody. So I want everybody to read them. Therefore, I have to advertise.

While I’ve tried ads for all my books, most of the attention of recent advertising has gone to my newest book, FEARLESS SUMMER. I’ve placed Facebook Ads and one Instagram ad. How either of them worked, how or if they affected sales, I really don’t know. Where I’ve spent most of my time is on Amazon since people who want books and aren’t going to Park Books, Bethany Beach Books, Greyhound Books — or your favorite bookstore. (Those are mine since they carry my books.)

So here’s what I want to know. Have you seen an ad for any of my books: Divided Loyalties, Love Letters & Gingerbread, The Last Gift, Inn by the Lake or Fearless Summer?

If you have or if you do, would you let me know? Where did you see it? When? Did you like it? What caught your eye? If you can send me a screen shot that would be even better.

I really want to know because I really want people who like sweet and heart-warming romances to read the books I work so hard on.

Do you advertise your books? Or anything else for that matter? What works for you?

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