Five things—Amanda

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Amanda likes a busy life. She always has. The main character of my new modern love story, INN BY THE LAKE, she’s a Baltimore girl now living in Philadelphia and living the life she’s planned for since, well, since she first discussed a career in the law with her grandfather.

Amanda isn’t much of a pack rat but saves only the most special things. Here are five things she values.

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  1. Tennis racquet (or is it racket?) — She was passionate about tennis as a teenager, an ace on the high school team and an alternate on the Olympic team. She doesn’t get to play as much now but when she does, watch that mean backhand.
  2. Nancy Drew novel — A voracious reader, she and her sixth grade friends used to pass around their Nancy Drew mysteries and discuss them late into the night at slumber parties.
  3. Ocean City t-shirt — A beach fan, she and her family were on their annual vacation to Ocean City when they learned about the fire back at home. She still has the t-shirt she was wearing that day.
  4. Briefcase — Her grandfather presented her with a leather briefcase when she was accepted into law school. He had advised against a career in law but he was nevertheless proud of her.
  5. Olympic jacket — Though she never competed, her teammates thought she should have one when she was named an alternate. It still hangs in her closet, a reminder of what dedication and drive can achieve.

Champagne Book Group will publish the e-book, INN BY THE LAKE, in mid-December. The paperback will be issued early in 2021. Pre-orders are now available.

Inn By the Lake, my sweet modern love story set at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland, will be released in December. Pre-orders now accepted here.

2 thoughts on “Five things—Amanda

  1. Im looking forward to reading this book with my hands holding the spine and my eyes anticipating the next page!
    You know I like a girl taking life and living it out to the fullest. Follow your bliss!

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