Audiobook: Chapter 7

The trouble with Zoom calls is how visible you are to everybody else—and to yourself. As Claire goes through the news budget with the rest of the staff, I find my attention wandering to Rashima who’s got the baby on her lap.
She’s my hero during this crisis.

Chapter 8—Jessica: In Case of Emergency

I woke up feeling like a little like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day.” I know that’s not an original thought but it’s totally appropriate. Today looks pretty much like yesterday. I look at my calendar and every tomorrow looks like today.

Audiobook: Chapter 2

It’s here, the audio version of Chapter 2—Jessica and Hanna. HANNA announces her wedding may be off. They can’t get a marriage license during #pandemic. Hanna’s #romance is the real thing. How can JESSICA help her best friend? A new audio chapter will post every Wednesday morning. Remember I’m recording my own self reading the chapters.…

Chapter 3—Dan: Meet the newbie

Since who knows when I’ll have a chance to meet everybody in person, I have to use these online moments to get acquainted with my colleagues, to put faces to bylines and figure out what everybody covers. Already I’ve realized that I’m pretty low in the pecking order. All right, at the very bottom. But I’m still a reporter and that’s exactly where I want to be.

Help me finish my new book — #whathappensnext

While we are all on lock-down, I’m writing a book and don’t know how it ends. Jessica starts her new job, a dream job writing for her hometown newspaper, the day the governor enacts stay-at-home orders. So she’ll meet her colleagues on Zoom and conduct her interviews via phone and email. Dan doesn’t even want…

Creativity thrives in time of covid-19

I have heard it said (more than a few times) we’re going to have a baby boom when this is all over. With stay-at-home orders spreading from one coast to the other, I don’t doubt it. And what a wonderful thing. Love in the present and hope in the future! This pandemic is awful. Though…