Audiobook: Chapter 2

It’s here, the audio version of Chapter 2—Jessica and Hanna. HANNA announces her wedding may be off. They can’t get a marriage license during #pandemic. Hanna’s #romance is the real thing. How can JESSICA help her best friend? A new audio chapter will post every Wednesday morning. Remember I’m recording my own self reading the chapters.…

Chapter 3—Dan: Meet the newbie

Since who knows when I’ll have a chance to meet everybody in person, I have to use these online moments to get acquainted with my colleagues, to put faces to bylines and figure out what everybody covers. Already I’ve realized that I’m pretty low in the pecking order. All right, at the very bottom. But I’m still a reporter and that’s exactly where I want to be.

Audiobook: Chapter 1

It’s here, the audio version of Chapter 1—Jessica: Starting Out. Meet JESSICA, starting her first day as a reporter during a pandemic. Meet DAN, a seasoned veteran of the newsroom. Already Jessica doesn’t trust him—and they haven’t even met? Then comes the bad news: Their editor has asked Dan to oversee her work as she…

Chapter 2— Jessica and Hanna

“If we don’t have a marriage license, how can we get married?” It had never occurred to me that when the counties announced they were closing their offices during the lockdown, that would mean marriage license offices, too. 

Falling in Love: The Audiobook

Coming on Wednesday! Since I know some people prefer an audio book, I’ve decided to create one myself. Now I warn you, I’m no Bahni Turpin (I love to hear her read a story). But I’ve done my amateur best to bring you an audio version of my book. They’ll post right here on Wednesdays.…