Audiobook: Chapter 15

Here  is the audio version of Chapter 15: Jessica: Surrounded by romance.

As Jessica’s friend Hanna prepares for her Zoom wedding, she realizes she can’t get her rings stowed in a safe deposit box–because the bank is closed due to the pandemic. Dan, sweetheart that he is, has a solution.

Next Wednesday: 
Chapter 16—Jessica: They do

I’m looking for your ideas!

Every Monday I’ll post a new written chapter of FALLING IN LOVE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME until Dan and Jessica find love, lose it and, we hope, find their happily-ever-after. 

Every Wednesday, I’ll post an audio chapter.

Do you have an idea, torn from your own pandemic stay-at-home saga, that might help them? Let me know has worked for you. I’d appreciate funny comments, interesting stories, ways the pandemic has made normal events, well, unusual.

Together we can write a great story to remember the lockdown of 2020.


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