Audiobook: Chapter 20

“How’s Lori holding up?”
“She’s fine. We has a visitor yesterday and I’m waiting for her to ask me about him.”
“Yeah?” Now I’m curious.
“Her dad came to see us.”
I did not see that coming.

Chapter 21—Jessica: Private Lives

May 5, 2020 2:00 p.m.Jessica: Private lives “Is everything all right, Rashima?” We’ve spent the past hour dividing the work on our Memorial Day story, reviewing our interview list. And it looks like it’s going to be a really good story. Really sad, too. We’re talking to veterans who have survived both war and covid-19.…

Audiobook—Chapter 19: Colin

“Your daddy?” My heart shudders to a stop as I grab a kitchen chair for support. It can’t be.
“That’s what he said, Mommy.” Lori takes a bite of her sandwich, watching me like I’m about to perform a magic trick. I’d like to disappear but that isn’t possible.

Chapter 20—Dan: What’d I miss?

I don’t even know how long I was sleeping on this couch. A glance at the clock tells me the truth. I lay down around supper time yesterday and it’s suppertime again. Poor dog, I look with extreme guilt at Rex. He hasn’t had a thing to eat all day.

Audiobook—Chapter 18: The Real World

As I listen for the sixth, or maybe it’s the seventh time, to bits of what I recorded, I hear exhaustion, a little fear or maybe it’s just concern for their own health, and I hear pride, too. These people, from the techs to the EMTs to the nurses and doctors, signed up to save lives.
That’s what they’re struggling to do now.
And I’m trying to figure out how to tell their story so my readers know there are lots and lots of heroes out there.

I love my readers

I had the most marvelous time yesterday at The Greyhound, an independent bookstore in Berlin, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Quaint Berlin, once dubbed “America’s Coolest Small Town,” is located a half hour from Ocean City and Assateague Island, Md. The bookstore is filled with best sellers and the works of local writers. I’m thrilled to…

Chapter 19—Jessica: Colin

Why would Colin show up here? Why now? I haven’t heard from him in seven years. I didn’t even ask him for child support. I didn’t want to be tied to him for even one little thing once he walked out.

Audiobook: Chapter 17

Here is the audio version of Chapter 17—Jessica: Jesus and vodka. Working from home with a daughter attending school via Zoom creates a conflict many parents nowadays can understand. Little Lori’s antics distract Jessica from concerns about work—and doubts about Dan.   Shout-out to author Virginia Brasch who inspired this chapter. The “Jesus and Vodka”…

Chapter 18—Dan: The real world

The scratchiness in my throat won’t go away. I keep checking my temperature and it’s 97.8. I unwrap the little oximeter I ordered from Amazon to check the oxygen level in my blood. Clipped on my forefinger, it registers 99. Not perfect but this isn’t a third grade spelling test.

Audiobook: Chapter 16

Here is the audio version of Chapter 16—Jessica: They do, Dan: Trouble. Jessica officiates at her friend Hanna’s wedding, witnessed by everyone else on Zoom. Meanwhile, on a boring Saturday afternoon, Dan misses Jessica.  Next Wednesday: Chapter 17—Jessica: Jesus and vodka I’m looking for your ideas! Every Monday I’ll post a new written chapter of FALLING…