A little press about my book tour

Brenda Ruggiero of the Garrett County Republican has written a lovely story about my upcoming visit to the Deep Creek Area.

To read the whole story go here.

I’m looking forward to my visit to Garrett County where a lot of INN BY THE LAKE takes place.

Ms. Ruggiero included all three of my locations, including the Deep Creek Lavender Farm, whose owners invited me to visit and sign books at their gorgeous place—and that led to the whole weekend of activities.

I’ll also be a Swallow Falls State Park, talking to people on their way to visit the park’s wonderful waterfalls, as well as the Ruth Enlow Library, Garrett County’s main public library in Oakland.

I don’t have scheduled stops at the Garrett County Historical Society Museum or the local bookstore, the Book Mark’et, but you know I’ll have to stop at both places. The folks at the museum helped with my research for INN — and who can resist a book store?

I’ll be busy but I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite places in Western Maryland and talking to people about books.

You can access the story online at here.

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