A talk on travel writing

Before I wrote novels, I was a travel writer. In fact, I always say it was my travel writing that led naturally to writing historical fiction and, more recently, love stories.

On Wednesday night, at 7 p.m Eastern time, I’m going to talk about my past life for the South Baltimore writers of the Maryland Writers Association. In a talk entitled From Here to There Travel Writing Isn’t All Beaches and Sunshine, I’ll talk about how my travel writing career for Frommer’s went. I wrote six travel guides for them, starting in 2001. All my guides were written about Maryland and Delaware–no exotic Tahiti or romantic Paris for me.

It was a job I almost didn’t take. I had small children at the time. And a part-time job. And a very busy husband. After sleeping on it and kicking myself repeatedly, I changed my mind. I’ve always been glad I did. It was one of those jobs that’s hard but fun, stressful but fun, exhausting but fun.

I hope my presentation will offer a few dos and don’t for those interested in trying their hand at writing stories for travel outlets.

I learned a lot and wrote a lot. And kept on writing for 12 years for Frommer’s, and for a blog and local media ever since. And now those travels form the background of my novels, including DIVIDED LOYALTIES, which takes place around the battlefield at Antietam, LOVE LETTERS & GINGERBREAD, set in Annapolis and now INN BY THE LAKE, where Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland serves as the backdrop — and I’d say as one of the characters. My newest book, THE LAST GIFT is a little different. Though it isn’t set in Maryland, it was inspired by my travel, this time a cruise on the Mediterranean.

If you’d be interested in joining us, register with the South Baltimore Chapter of the Maryland Writers Association. Go here for the link.

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