Countdown to book launch

Way too much is going on all at once in my writing life. My pandemic romance FALLING IN LOVE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME still has several chapters to go. It’s all written but I’m still recording audio chapters.

And National Novel Writing Month is beginning in two days. I have a new novel set in Ocean City, Maryland, that will officially begin then. Already I love it.

I haven’t abandoned historical fiction. I’m revising a story set in 1904 Baltimore. Want that finished by year’s end.

Meanwhile, I’m counting down the days to my book launch. INN BY THE LAKE is scheduled to release December 7.

And I’m awaiting the final edits of my second modern love story, THE LAST GIFT, due out next April.

I’ve been having fun on Instagram while I’m in a holding pattern, getting to know writers and readers and accounts set in the places where INN BY THE LAKE is located: Deep Creek Lake, Western Maryland, Pittsburgh and Wilmington, Delaware.

I’m counting down the days to book launch there, too. I’m trying to be subtle, not SCREAM as loudly as I can, My new book is coming!!!! I hope you’ll hop on over there and see what’s going on.

Have to do something until, you know, my book comes out.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to book launch

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