Travel Thursday: waterfalls

They turned onto a boardwalk to the right of the path and within a few minutes had arrived at a spot where they could see the whole waterfall. It wasn’t big. Certainly no Niagara Falls. Even so, the spectacle of clear water crashing blue and white over a tumble of dusky brown rock stopped the women in their tracks.

“I’ve never seen a waterfall.” Deborah stared at the rushing water. “I never thought about how loud one would be.”

From INN BY THE LAKE, to be released in December.

Swallow Falls State Park is a must-see whenever I am visiting Deep Creek Lake. Mostly we visit in February when we go skiing.

We take the path between Muddy Falls (depicted above left) and Swallow Falls (depicted bottom left). The trails are well marked and the park is usually well populated.

I never get tired of seeing the sunshine filter through the cathedral of hemlocks, of listening to the wind rustle through the bare branches or hearing the rush of water all the way from the parking lot.

This is a state park that never failed to thrill my heart at soul. It was a natural for a scene, two actually, in INN BY THE LAKE.

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