‘Falling in Love…’

When I started writing my pandemic romance back in March, I thought life would be back to normal by now. Stores and restaurants would be operating normally…we’d be gathering for concerts and festivals…we’d be well and the hospitals would be empty of all the covid-19 patients.

I was wrong. Consequently, I plotted out my novel to end in May and we’re nearly there now. I have two more chapters to flesh out. They’re in outline only–because I wanted them to reflect the days after the pandemic ended.

That’s not going to happen. So, what happens next? How has your life improved? Stayed the same? Changed?

My online novel has had readers from China, India, France, New Zealand, Argentina, as well as the U.S. and Canada. I wonder if Jessica and Dan’s experience mirror the lives of people outside my own circle. Just about all the experiences in this novel come from stories I’ve heard, read or have been shared here or on social media.

Does it reflect what’s happened to you? Here’s your last chance to let me know. I’m about to finish the book.

What happens next?

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