Audiobook: Chapter 2

AudiobookCh2It’s here, the audio version of Chapter 2—Jessica and Hanna.

HANNA announces her wedding may be off. They can’t get a marriage license during #pandemic. Hanna’s #romance is the real thing. How can JESSICA help her best friend?

A new audio chapter will post every Wednesday morning. Remember I’m recording my own self reading the chapters. Hope it’s okay. I’m just an amateur.

Continued….next Wednesday
Chapter 3: Dan: She’s not Sophie

I’m looking for your ideas!

Every Monday I’ll post a new written chapter until Dan and Jessica find love, lose it and, we hope, find their happily-ever-after. 

On Wednesdays, I’ll post an audio chapter.

Do you have an idea, torn from your own pandemic stay-at-home saga, that might help them?

If you have a suggestion for what happens next, send it along with your name and hometown to (Copy and paste the address, please.) 

Together we can write a great story to remember the lockdown of 2020.

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