FEARLESS SUMMER: My new book is out now!

When NASA’s Wallops Island with it wide open field dotted with impressive satellite dishes appeared on my left, I felt a twinge deep in my belly. It grew stronger as I started across the causeway to Chincoteague Island.

That’s how Chapter Three of FEARLESS SUMMER brings Charlotte home to Chincoteague.

Almost there! After passing Wallops Island, a NASA facility, visitors take the long causeway to Chincoteague.

Seeing the facility that launches rockets into space several times a year alerts me that my drive to my summer destination is nearly over. It’s the last landmark on the mainland before visitors like me start over the long causeway to the barrier islands of Assateague and Chincoteague. My vacation is about to begin.

For Charlotte, it signals something else altogether. She’s coming home worried about how she’ll endure seeing the places where she and Henry fell in love. Even worse, how will she endure meeting her former childhood sweetheart all these years later?

Today I am proud to welcome the e-book edition of FEARLESS SUMMER: RETURN TO CHINCOTEAGUE into the world. My sweet romance is published today by Champagne Book Group.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this tiny, friendly island. I hope, too, you’ll be cheering for Charlotte as she finds her way back home.

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