Coming soon!! Chincoteague-based FEARLESS SUMMER

Looking out over Chincoteague Island with Assateague across the channel. This house figures in FEARLESS SUMMER.

Chincoteague Island, a barrier island known for its wild ponies, beaches and charming small town, has entranced me since I was little. Yes, of course, I read Marguerite Henry’s books about Misty of Chincoteague and her other horse books. Our family visited several times back then, to see the ponies mostly, but in the past decade or so it has become the place my father, my siblings, spouses, cousins, an aunt or two, and the next generation gather from around the Eastern Seaboard to talk, play, and enjoy one another’s company.

And to see the ponies and the beaches and enjoy the charming small town. It’s a magical place.

In the past year, I was inspired to write a second-chance romance set in this lovely spot. Although I only spent seven days in Chincoteague, I returned again and again via the internet, especially Google maps, to get the setting right.

Are there ponies in FEARLESS SUMMER? A mention here and there. Marguerite Henry already wrote the best books about Chincoteague’s ponies.

Now I am delighted to announce FEARLESS SUMMER, THE RETURN TO CHINCOTEAGUE will be published by Champagne Book Group in digital form this summer with a paperback version ready for summer 2023. What’s it about? Glad you asked:

When Charlotte returns home to Chincoteague, a small town best known for its wild ponies and beaches, she must face the man who betrayed her eight years ago and decide whether she wants to give him a second chance.

FEARLESS SUMMER is set in the summer resort town of Chincoteague, within view of the wild ponies made famous by Marguerite Henry’s Misty of Chincoteague. My second-chance romance brings together two young people who grew up on this island, always certain they would be together forever. When her dreams came crashing down their senior year in college, Charlotte ran away from school, her career goals, and even her hometown. Now she returns to help her sisters, Anne and Emily, open a new candy shop but is already planning on leaving after Labor Day. She still sees no future here. Henry, the single father of a lively seven-year-old daughter Daphne, never hoped they could be together again. Until now.

Mother duck and her ducklings cross the street near where Charlotte and her sisters Emily and Anne have a sweet shop in FEARLESS SUMMER.

I mention all kinds of wonderful Chincoteague places, the Museum of Chincoteague Island, Island Creamery, Assateague Island and its ponies and lighthouse, and so many more. I didn’t forget the pony swim, either.

The title, supplied by my daughter, was inspired by a song by Taylor Swift, Fearless. It was, for Charlotte and Henry, “their song” back in the day.

I hope it’s a book that everyone will want to read. Maybe on a beach. Maybe at Chincoteague. Maybe on a waiting room couch or a subway seat. It’s sweet, full of hope, and, of course, love.

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