THE LAST GIFT now in paperback

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest PG-rated modern love story, THE LAST GIFT, is now available in paperback.

THE LAST GIFT was inspired by my very real vacation on a sailing ship that cruised the Dalmatian Coast. That is, I learned, the mountainous region of Croatia and Montenegro, an ancient land brimming with romance.

Set sail on the Surfrider with Donna, who is too busy for love but willing to take time to join her bereaved sister on a summer cruise in the Adriatic Sea. The trip is a big step for Karen, whose husband booked the voyage just before his sudden death a year ago. 

There’s only one thing, Karen warns her forever-single sister. Donna won’t find love on this ship. That’s fine with her since her focus is keeping her sister happy, while sneaking in a bit of business in her off-hours and trying to hide her fear of water. 

Scottie, an officer on the ship, has to keep out of trouble after a recent fling with the bottle and a relationship with a passenger nearly cost him his job. Even though consorting with a passenger again threatens his future,  he can’t resist the lively, phobia-stricken workaholic. It’s never hopeless to be a romantic, is it?

Cute story…well, it made me incredibly happy. While I was on my sailboat in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay the other day—the day I learned my book was being published—I shared my news with my crew. Without a word, my cousin Sheila whipped out her phone and ordered the book. “It’s coming Friday,” she said.

Now, wasn’t that nice? I’m lucky to have family who loves my books as much as I do.

Now you can get your copy of THE LAST GIFT from my publisher, Champagne Book Group, and Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

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