Donna sits down for an interview

Recently, Donna, the main character in THE LAST GIFT sat down to talk to Betty Bolte, an author who like me writes both historical and romantic fiction.

Betty and I are, I think, kindred spirits. We both have an affinity for Edgar Allan Poe. I, because I volunteer at the house in Baltimore where he began his career. Betty, because she wrote about him for her masters thesis and considers the master of the macabre as an influence for her books, particularly The Touchstone of Raven Hollow.

I had the option of talking about my writing style and habits with Betty—but Donna insisted she wanted to be the star of this blogpost. Donna is a bit headstrong and ambitious so I moved over so she could answer Betty’s questions.

I learned a little about Donna as she spoke on topics ranging from her greatest achievements to her fears. The fears weren’t a surprise—I wrote a book about them—but her love for family touched me as did her remembrances of her first kiss. (Teenagers can be awful.)

This is characteristic of my heroine. When asked about what she does to relax, Donna answered, “Relax? Who has time to relax? I work and then I crash. Sleep and repeat. I do like to keep novels on my phone. I love Scottish romances and historical novels.”

At least she has good taste in books. Funny that I keep finding a Scottish romance or historical in my own hands.

You can find the whole interview on Betty’s blog.

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