I love my readers

I had the most marvelous time yesterday at The Greyhound, an independent bookstore in Berlin, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Quaint Berlin, once dubbed “America’s Coolest Small Town,” is located a half hour from Ocean City and Assateague Island, Md.

The bookstore is filled with best sellers and the works of local writers. I’m thrilled to say that my books are not only on their shelves but one of their three book clubs has been reading Divided Loyalties and Love Letters & Gingerbread.

On Sept. 20, most of the group who had read Divided Loyalties gathered for a glass of wine and a chat about my book. I got grilled about history, both Civil War and Irish, my research, and my inspirations for the book.

It was fun, it was friendly and everyone wore their masks. The pandemic kept some members away—and I missed them—but I was happy to be among fellow readers.

Of course, it was a joy to have them tell me how much they loved Maureen, to say how they could relate to the feelings or experiences of one or another of the characters.

It’s always wonderful to have someone tell me something about my book, a work of my heart. I’m proud and delighted to find it touches someone else.

Thanks, Susan and the Greyhound staff, thank you fellow book-lovers. Look forward to hearing what you think about my novella set at Christmas, Love Letters & Gingerbread when we get together again in December.

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