DIVIDED LOYALTIES — A Civil War story set on banks of Antietam

Divided Loyalties front coverDIVIDED LOYALTIES, my Civil War historical novel is available in paperback and e-book by Black Rose Writing.

When war comes,
will Maureen side
with family or country?

I wrote my Civil War novel  for my mother and my daughters. I wrote it to honor Clara Barton, a personal heroine and the women with the healing touch.

DIVIDED LOYALTIES tells the story of Maureen, an 18-year-old Irish immigrant, who longs to serve her country. Her brother, like many of his friends, has left to join the Union Army on the eve of the Battle of Antietam. Maureen sets out on her own odyssey, determined to become and remain a Civil War nurse.

Nothing will stop her: not her father who has forbidden her to go, not the soldier who loves her. Not even a man with a gun. Whatever the costs, she will serve.

My story came from my heart. I hope you love my characters and the challenges they face.

Available from

Black Rose Writing, my publisher

Amazon, of course–paperback and Kindle.

Barnes and Noble, paperback and Nook

Scribd, an e-book subscription service. You can even join for 30 days and read this book for free!

Kobo, e-book only.

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