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I have joined the most awesome group of writers. We’ve formed a Facebook page, Off the Beaten Path Historical Stories, designed for readers so we can share what we’re writing, researching, studying and reading. And so we can get to know those people we love almost as much as our own family. Our readers.

We are all writers of historical fiction—but here you’ll find no Regencies (even if we love Jane Austen), no men in kilts (even if we love Rob Roy), no earls and ladies (but let’s coo at little Prince Archie for a moment.)

We write about other historical times and people. A variety of historical eras. Spread around the globe. Off that beaten track…see what we did there?

Let me introduce the cohort of scribblers–

Kris Tualla writes The Hansen Series, detailing stories of Norway from the days of the Vikings to modern times. Or as Kris says, “Norway is the new Scotland.”

Jessica James is an award-winning author who writes about the Civil War and Revolutionary War. Since I’ve written about those two time periods, too, I’m looking forward to getting to know her books.

Anna Brentwood‘s books are a bit more modern, say 1920’s modern with flappers and gangsters and so much more.

Gina Danna is a USAToday bestselling author with historical romances in a variety of eras.

Eleri Grace takes her readers into the tumultuous years of the Second World War.

Cari Davis likes her romances suspenseful and her settings historical.

Deborah Ahern Evans rounds out the group of historical writers.

Stop on by, like the page or follow it. Get to know all of us. We’re going to get all historical on you with photos, trivia, bits about the books we’ve written and our works in progress, even giveaways each week. Looking forward to a jolly conversation!

See you on Facebook!

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