Book signings are such fun

Mary 11 copy

Lots of conversation and a few laughs with all my new friends at the Rising Sun Inn. I hated to leave.

Lots of fun. I spent Saturday afternoon in the company of history lovers, members of the Daughters of the American Revolution at Rising Sun Inn in Crownsville, Md.

What a fascinating group of people. I had such a wonderful time talking about Divided Loyalties, introducing the cover for its second edition and, even better, introducing my upcoming novella, Love Letters & Gingerbread.


Talking about my book with this group was a delight.

Everybody contributed to the conversation with anecdotes about stories they would like to know more about. One woman talked about her own experiences as a Civil War re-enactor and everybody had a ghost story. It seems Abigail and Reginald inhabit the 18th Century inn. Some have seen these two characters, others have heard or felt their presence.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the DAR members for their kind invitation to be part of the spring author series. It really was a treat.


The Rising Sun Inn has been welcoming guests since the 1700s.

BTW–the house is open for tours once a month on Sunday afternoons. And they have a fascinating variety of events to keep the place hopping. In October, ghost tours.

Tipple and toast, a benefit for the house, will be held Saturday, April 27, 5-9 p.m.

It’s an old beautiful building near Annapolis with a rich history. If you have a free second Sunday afternoon, take a drive and visit. That’s the former travel writer in me. I still gotta recommend really cool places.

Thanks for the book presentation photos, Leslie.


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