The things we do for readers

IMG_1150Connecting with readers is one of the most important things authors do. If no one reads the works we publish, then what’s the point?

On Saturday, April 13, I’m speaking as part of an author’s series about my first book DIVIDED LOYALTIES.

But I’m also going to speak about my NEXT book, LOVE LETTERS & GINGERBREAD. Since its setting is Annapolis and that’s where I’m speaking, it seemed like a perfect place to introduce my Christmas story. It releases in July.

In hopes of piquing the audience’s interest in the new book, I dragged out the flour, butter and eggs, the ginger, nutmeg and molasses, the baking sheets and the cookie cutters.

Angela and Patricia make gingerbread cookies in one scene of the book—so I had to give it a try. I love to bake cookies. Besides how hard can gingerbread be?

Turns out it’s a cinch. had a great and easy recipe. I’m waiting for them to cool and the house smells like Christmas. All those warm spices are enough to make me want to gobble up every last heart and star.

I sampled an early one. Oh my but it’s delicious. I had my Great British Baking Show moments. The dough was like a pile of crumbs. I almost put too much nutmeg in. (Almost! Whew!) I nearly dropped a pan of cookies before they made it into the oven.

And the decorations? Paul Hollywood wouldn’t mince words. “They’re a mess but they taste good.” At least I hope that’s what he’d say.

I also hope it’s what everyone will say at Rising Sun Inn tomorrow when I tell them about Maureen and Patrick, Eliza and Joe—and now Angela and Patricia and their paths to love.

And wouldn’t they look good, decorating Angela and Patricia’s Christmas tree?




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