For my next act…more writing


How do you follow up your debut novel?

I would love it if the next step was to be flown to Hollywood to discuss with Meryl Streep how to turn my words into cinematic excellence. That would be one way. A very good way.

It isn’t gonna happen so I’m writing. A lot.

In fact, I have four pieces in the works. All set in Maryland. All set in the past. I’ve got rough drafts for three novels and one novella. The novella tells the story of two of my DIVIDED LOYALTIES characters in their younger days. (No, not Kate and Daniel even though I have been asked to explore that story.) I really want to finish that since it’s a Christmas romance.


But I’m completely in love with the characters of my story set in Annapolis in December of 1783. It’s got history, drama, romance, music and dancing. And oh that handsome… no I can’t say anymore.

Nearly finished but…

That one is so close to being finished that I’ve begun working on things like query letters, log lines, even a book trailer. The trouble is, I haven’t gotten around to finishing the research. There’s a lot of it, questions about:

  • women’s clothing and dress making
  • the furniture making business
  • travel in 1783
  • postal service
  • journalism in the new United States
  • customs and protocol at balls and in Congress.

And that doesn’t even include things like geography, weather and historical events of the time (which prompted the story to begin with.)

What can I do in 30 days?

So I’ve decided to set this down in print. I intend to finish all that research, smooth the rough edges of my prose and create a story ready for readers in 30 days. Then it’s off to see about a publisher, of course. But I’ll be looking for beta readers. (Let me know if you’d like to read once it’s ready.)

I’ll be back the first week of March with my progress. I hope to have a finished, polished book by then.

I hope.

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