Best Books of 2021

It wasn’t until I wrote my list down that I realized every book was written by a woman. I did read books by men—but these were my favorites for the year. They took me away from covid and other troubles. They made me feel strongly about strong characters. They took me to new places and old places, places I’d never see if not for these authors.
Thank you all for writing them.

Read: Ron Base’s “Dame”

It’s fun, don’t you think, to read a book set in a place where you are. I walked through the Fort Myers (Florida) airport the other day and saw an author standing at a table trying to sell books to people in a hurry. As an author, I immediately felt empathy for him. I had to…

An audio book for DIVIDED LOYALTIES

When DIVIDED LOYALTIES was released this summer, my father sent copies to friends and relatives all over the country. Seeing the pride in Dad’s face was a thrill I hadn’t expected. The trouble is, Dad can’t read my book. He’s literate, of course, well-educated and well-read. But macular degeneration has robbed him of enough eyesight…