Countdown to publication

E-book edition of FEARLESS SUMMER releases August 8. Pre-order at Champagne Books.

The days just before a book launch are full of anticipation. How will readers like my book? Will they even buy it? What can I do to convince them they’ll love my aspiring teacher Charlotte, the insurance guy who used to be her boyfriend before but now is the single father of a seven-year-old sweetie named Daphne.

I love to see how other people write. These are lyrics written in Taylor Swift’s own handwriting. The page is on display at the Grammy Hall of Fame in Los Angeles.

The book is named for my favorite Taylor Swift song Fearless. Truth be told, I never heard it until my daughter rBrigid introduced me to it. I listened to it so much it’s now a favorite. I’m a Taylor fan. I even have a photo of lyrics written in her own handwriting on display at the Grammys Hall of Fame.

And the characters are all named to honor my favorite authors. Who do you think Charlotte, and her sisters Emily and Anne are named for? If you thought, oh that’s easy! The Bronte sisters! you’d be right. Henry’s named for the author of Misty of Chincoteague, my favorite horse book author, Marguerite Henry. And Daphne….If you thought Daphne du Maurier, you win! If you thought of another author named Daphne, who was it? Every single character has a literary namesake. Let me know who you thought I was honoring with these names.

Of course, the setting of Chincoteague Island is one I love very much. I’ve visited several times in my life and for the last decade or so it’s been the site of a family reunion organized by my father. I dedicated the book to him for obvious reasons.

If you know Chincoteague, I hope you’ll find mention of the places you already love. If you’ve never heard of this small Virginia barrier island, I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you to it. And, if it’s your hometown, I hope you think I honored it with my presentation. My new webpage heading up above this essay was taken during one of our vacations.

Please enjoy Fearless Summer. A second-chance romance perfect for light summer reading.

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