#Bookstack of historic fiction

Just ordered all of these from the bookstore of the Historical Novel Society. Lots of historic fiction, natch!, but a couple of how-tos, too. I can’t wait to dig in.

Maybe I got a little crazy when I went to the bookstore during the Historical Novel Society but I’d “met” all these great writers and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their work.

The top two are books for writers.

The Business of Being a Writer—Jane Friedman

Take Off Your Pants!—Libbie Hawker

The rest cover a variety of time zones.

Flight to Freedom—Ana Veciana-Suarez

Wild Women and the Blues—Denny S. Bryce

The Chelsea Girls—Fiona Davis

Under a Gilded Moon—Joy Jordan-Lake

Daughter of Time—Sarah Woodbury

The Phantom’s Apprentice—Heather Webb

Remembrance—Rita Woods

Unraveled—M.K. Tod

Except for Take Off Your Pants!, I haven’t started a single one. More to come…

So… what are you writing? Or reading?

2 thoughts on “#Bookstack of historic fiction

  1. Interesting: I’d never imagine that directly suggesting to pantsers that they should outline would go over well!

    Of course, now that I am entirely pansting my short series Ann&Anna, I can sympathize much more with pantsers!

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  2. Libbie Hawker was pretty good at suggesting we should at least have a couple of stopping points for our stories. If we want to let our characters lead the way (and isn’t that part of the fun?) then we can go for it. But to hit a few historical markers, or the dark night of the soul, and get to a happy ending (especially if we’re writing romance) then we should plan for those moments.


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