Introducing THE LAST GIFT

The Last Gift goes on sale Monday, May 24. E-books only. Paperbacks will be released in a few months.
A little teaser for my new book on Champagne Book’s website.

Donna, an up-and-coming journalist tears herself away from work—but not her laptop—to join her sister on an Adriatic sailing cruise. The trip is a big step for Karen, whose husband booked the voyage before his sudden death a year ago. 

There’s only one thing, Karen warns her forever-single sister.  She won’t find love on this ship. That’s fine with Donna whose focus is keeping her sister happy, while sneaking in a bit of business in her off-hours and trying to hide her fear of water.

Scottie, an officer on the ship, has to keep out of trouble after a recent fling with the bottle nearly cost him his job. Even though consorting with a passenger could threaten his own future,  he can’t resist the lively, phobia-stricken workaholic. 

It’s never hopeless to be a romantic, is it? 

Champagne Book Group, which published INN BY THE LAKE in December, has given THE LAST GIFT a most gorgeous cover.

Sail away with Donna, Scottie, Karen, Musa, and the breathtaking ports of call between Venice and Rome. Based on a trip I actually took with the man I love, THE LAST GIFT mixes travelogue, history and romance.

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