Travel Thursday: Western Maryland’s magical settings

Someone carved these lovely hearts from snow on the top of the mountain at Wisp Resort.

Before I wrote novels, I wrote travel guides for Frommer’s. A great colleague hooked me up with the assignment to write about Maryland and Delaware every two years. I got to know every town and hill and dale of these two lovely states. Delaware, you know, doesn’t have any hills at all.

The places I visited in Western Maryland have inspired my first modern love story. Every Thursday, I’m going to introduce you to one of the magical settings of my new book, INN BY THE LAKE, which will be published next month by Champagne Books.

Today, let me tell you about Western Maryland. It’s the mountain side of the state. It’s got everything a tourist would like. Skiing at Wisp. Hiking and camping and other outdoor adventures in the state parks, including Deep Creek Lake, Swallow Falls and Herrington Manor. (There are lots more, too.)

Like crafts? Then stop by to see the glass blowing pros at Simon Pearce in Mountain Lake Park. Or visit the rustic studios of Spruce Forest Artisan Village.

Get the idea that the western counties of my home state are pretty special?

And make a great setting for a book.

Stop here on Travel Thursdays for a peek at the places where Amanda and Luke will fall in love, fall out of love and, we hope, find their happily ever after.

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