Countdown to NaNoWriMo

IMG_2029National Novel Writing Month is coming!

National Novel Writing Month is coming!

Did you hear? November is NaNoWriMo–a month set aside for anyone who thinks they might like to try their hand at writing a novel. Well, the first draft anyway.

I’ve participated in this crazy month of impossible daily word counts since 2012. It took three years to get to that magic 50,000. It took two more years to re-write, revise and revise again and then find a publisher to accept DIVIDED LOYALTIES. 

That was fun.

But I haven’t had the same luck with the “winners” the following years. I currently have a drawer-full of manuscripts that are finished, re-written and revised—and rejected. At least so far. I’m still querying but right now I’m mostly focusing on what to work on this November.

I’m a Rebel—meaning I’m rewriting this November, instead of starting something fresh. I plan to climb over the firehoses and skip around the icy puddles that covered the streets of downtown Baltimore during the Great Fire of 1904 for my second revision (or is it third?) of FIRE.

This time, I don’t plan to be a pantser. With the original words already on the page, I’ll be following an outline to be sure I get good internal and external conflict for my memorable characters that elicit a strong emotional response.

The thing is, I expect the book to change in a major way from that original draft. In fact, I hope it does. I haven’t read it too carefully since I wrote it but the characters have stayed with me, especially my protagonist. He’s a feisty fellow, rash and impulsive, quick to anger and likely to make lots of mistakes. 

I’ve done my research—though I’ll probably need to do more—and read books and gone to workshops to hone my storytelling skills.

I’m hosting a virtual write-in on my Facebook page on Nov. 20. I’ll start at 3 in the afternoon (since there may be daytime writers who’d be interested) and go into the evening at 9. Maryland Romance Writers will sponsor this event.

Stop by and soak in all the creativity that will be swirling about.

Are you ready? I am.

So bring it on, November.

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