Thanks Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous

RomanceAddictsReviewI’m delighted to announce my Civil War novel, DIVIDED LOYALTIES, rated four roses from Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous.

I was delighted to hear the cheers for Maureen: “I enjoyed the bravery and strength of the main character, Maureen, who served as a nurse during the war despite her father’s well-meaning but fierce objections.”

I understood the reservation about whether this was really a romance novel: “Though this book is characterized as a historical romance, the romance is essentially a minor subplot, and I wouldn’t necessarily call this a romance novel.”

The most important part—besides the four roses—that my book is “still an excellent novel and well worth the read.”

Such kind words for my favorite book of all time. (Sorry Mr. Tolstoy, Mr. Dickens, Ms. Patchett and all the rest… I still love every word you write.)

It’s always so gratifying to hear nice things about my work. Thank you.

Ⓒ Mary K. Tilghman


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