So glad Camp Nanowrimo is coming in these very strange times

WritingDo you Nanowrimo? With a pandemic keeping many—most?—of us indoors, it seems a perfect time to plan for Camp Nanowrimo. A more casual approach to the rigors of National Novel Writing Month in November, the April camp brings us together to polish, rewrite, finish, or try something new without the stringent goal of 50,000 words in a month.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.45.25 PM

One of NaNoWriMo’s daily prompts in March.

In seems the Wrimos at Nano HQ must be thinking the same way I am. They’ve even instituted #StayHomeWriMo with resources, writing prompts and other encouragement to keep our butts in our chairs as we write the Great American Novel, V2020.

In my home state, we’re not locked down but all non-essential businesses are closed and I don’t want to give or get this virus so I’m staying away from most of my loved ones, including my grown children and my father.

The internet has been such a blessing this past week or so, giving me access to my friends both near and very far away. So glad to hear things are OK with Mrs. Suvi in Finland, for instance. I’ve been on FaceTime calls and joined in a virtual party on Zoom. I practice my music with my friend Ginger via FaceTime.

And I’ve pondered what exactly I want to write in April. Normally, I spend the month rewriting my November project. But this year, with three projects already out in the world looking for publishers or agents, I’m thinking about starting something new.

I’m not pantsing this year, but rather, have started an outline for my contemporary romance. I’m hoping for light and silly instead of my usual catastrophic historical fiction full of tears and strife. I’ll work on the outline until April 1 and then, I’m planning to write up a storm.

I haven’t got anywhere else to go, so why not? How about you? Are you planning to pitch a writer’s tent and join us? Let’s write together. I promise to wash my hands and sit six feet away.

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