I signed books with Nora Roberts


Nora Roberts poses with all her fans—even a new novelist.

First I screamed! The email was simple. It merely asked if I wanted to participate in a signing with Nora Roberts at Turn the Page Bookstore and Cafe. It was months away.

So after I screamed, I wrote back. YES!!!!!

I didn’t even look at my calendar. Who in their right mind would turn down an invitation to sit at a table and sign books with Nora Roberts? Well, OK, if my child was getting married, or something like that I might have.

I am a first time novelist. The honor of such an invitation thrilled me no end. I looked forward to it like it was Christmas. And last week while I counted down the last days, I hardly slept a wink.


I still can’t get over seeing a book I wrote on a table with others’ novels.

There’s not much I could do….but that didn’t stop me from planning.

How would I sign my name? Did I have enough business cards?


I had Chapter One of my work in progress, ROSALIND’S HEART, printed, along with cards with quotes from DIVIDED LOYALTIES.

Should I have anything else on the table? Yes, of course! I had polished the first chapter of my work in progress, ROSALIND’S HEART. I designed a little booklet and brought a box full of them with me.

Then I thought it would be nice to go early and meet some of the people standing in line. I’ve been in that line. A little diversion makes the waiting go faster.


Some of my new friends. We met while they waited in line.

So I designed cards with quotes from my book on one side and quotes from reader reviews on the other. And around 9:30, I walked down the line introducing myself, talking about my book and asking people about themselves. It was really fun to talk with so many book lovers.  Later, one of those people told me my card had convinced her to buy my book. Score!

Whether they bought my book or not, I suddenly had 80 friends who I had met in that line. Later in the day, when their turn to get books signed brought them by my table, they all said hello and asked me how the book was doing. Smartest bit of planning of the day!

IMG_8287It’s a long day. I arrived about 9. People in the front of the line had been sitting on the bookstore porch since 6 a.m. I had time to meet some friends, as well as my daughter, sister and father and even shop in Boonsboro’s adorable little stores before book-signing began at noon. Then, except for a break for a pizza and Champagne lunch and another moment to stretch, I sat at my table. I sold all my books, gave out all my Chapter Ones and talked to about 250 people.

It was a day to remember for all the book-lovers and fellow authors I met. And, of course, I bought their books! Thanks, Jules Bennett, Carolyn Turgeon, Tracey Livesay, Lora Leigh MK MeredithSteven Parke and fellow Spalding High School alumna, Erika Robuck. And of course, I’m so grateful to Nora Roberts and the Turn the Page staff for welcoming me.

I don’t think my feet touched the ground all day.


Authors who took part in the book signing at Turn the Page included (back Steven Park, Carolyn Turgeon, Tracey Livesay, MK Meredith, Erika Robuck, me!, Jules Bennet, Lora Leigh and, of course, Nora Roberts.

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