Meet the authors on Facebook

UPDATE: What fun we had! One of our authors was called away and we missed her. But we had a rollicking good time. The conversation went on long past the closing time. People came from all over the country. 

So many books, so many talented authors. And lots of readers who sounded like they found something new to read.

I’m so grateful for everyone who participated. It really was fun being part of a group that loves books, writing and reading. 

Please say you’ll come….

Launch party FBI am hosting a Facebook Meet the Author Party this coming Tuesday at 7 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)

It’s all online so you can “come as you are.”

What’s a Facebook party, you ask? It’s a way to collect people who’d like to meet right there on Facebook. Everybody comes to the Party page Tuesday at 7 p.m. I’ll introduce the six authors who have agreed to come and talk about their books (wonderful writers, wonderful books!). Each of them will spend a few minutes telling you about their work and answering questions.

We’ll share a few virtual drinks and hors d’oeuvres, discuss whose “date” is the best looking — you know how people can be at cocktail parties… — and play some party games. The prizes will be real, actual swag bags of goodies we’ll send to winners after the festivities.

Featured authors are coming from all over the country and they write about everything! Romance… science fiction, historical, sports, women’s fiction.
Let me introduce them:
Alexa Jacobs Novels–author of Rising Ridge and The Dreamer. She wrote the blurb on my novel’s cover.
Joynell Schultz–writes awesome speculative fiction. Think clones, angels, demons.
Patricia Panahi–debut novel Wall of Veils takes readers inside Iran during the reign of the Shah
Rose Harris–sports romance novelist, wrote Touchdown Baby
Marlo Lanz–debut novelist whose Raincheck released the week before my own DIVIDED LOYALTIES.
Irene Frances Olson – Author — author of the brand new Requiem for the Status Quo, a novel about Alzheimers that’s winning rave reviews.

So mark your calendars for Tuesday at 7 and remember to stop by my Facebook event page that evening. Bring your questions, your imagination and your sense of fun.


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