WRITING: ‘Contract offer’

img_6117Now I know what it feels like to get a book contract. Heady. A thrill up there with winning the lottery or taking an exciting new job. Scary as any step into the unknown.

And it came as I spent a day in bed, sick as a dog. About 3 p.m. I felt well enough to get up and what did I do? Checked my email, of course. Mostly, I erased promotions and ads and then I reached the one that said, CONTRACT OFFER.

And, no, it wasn’t spam.

It was a genuine answer to a query I sent several months ago. And forgot about. Yes, it has been a while.

But there it was. A short, charming letter with a contract attached.

After I screamed — and giggled, a lot — I started telling all the important people: my husband, my father, my children, my critique group and my travel writing buddies.

One of them sent me the nicest note.

“We watched you push on when faith and belief in yourself kept you going.”

I hadn’t thought of my novel writing that way so I appreciated her comments. But I guess that’s what we all do when we want something so much it drives us every day.

And that’s how I’ve been with my book every since I wrote the very first sentence on the first day of Nanowrimo two Novembers ago. Writing and rewriting, submitting chapters to my critique group, submitting queries to publishers and contests.

My faith in my project wavered with a few of the rejection emails but every time I turn back to Maureen’s story I can’t help but believe she’s a girl others will love to know.

“Contract offer” are two sweet little words. Now, on to the next steps.

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