RESEARCH: Serendipity strikes again


I had to have the video. I was sure this little item was going to clear up questions I had about life in post-Revolution Annapolis. If nothing else, it would clear up a question about clothing.

I knew it was an old video, so old even the original TV station that aired it didn’t have it anymore. And it wasn’t anywhere in my local library system. But with dreams of a major motion picture, a costume drama with appropriate clothing, lighting, sets and customs, I was going to find it.

And I did. My local librarian found it for me and ordered it. Was I surprised when I looked at the newly-arrived package to discover it had come from Wichita! That’s a $1000 flight or an 18-hour drive. With a click of the mouse it was on its way to me, via the Inter-Library Loan.

While I was busy looking for one piece of vital information, I discovered another. Other people know about this terrific service but I didn’t. If I couldn’t find an elusive resource at the library or through an internet search, I figured I had to travel to get it. Now I know better.

Since I started writing historical novels, I’ve expressed my gratitude to a lot of librarians. Now, once again, I have a librarian to thank.

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