Chapter 26—Jessica: Hanna to the rescue

Life with Lori hasn’t been rosy the past few days. She’s tired of school by computer and more days than not, I’ve found her playing under the dining room table rather than finishing her homework. I’ve had to sit with her through the few sessions Mrs. Gambino can manage. Poor teacher. She’s still teaching her students how to mute and unmute themselves. And fewer show up each day. Yesterday, five showed up for her social studi

Chapter 13: A Zoom wedding

April 13, 2020, 1:30 p.m. Jessica: A Zoom wedding A text from Hanna flashes on my phone while I’m deep in conversation with Claire about my story. I’ve been working for her for nearly a month and I still can’t figure out what she wants. I get the stories—all except that one where none of…