Chapter 20—Dan: What’d I miss?

I don’t even know how long I was sleeping on this couch. A glance at the clock tells me the truth. I lay down around supper time yesterday and it’s suppertime again. Poor dog, I look with extreme guilt at Rex. He hasn’t had a thing to eat all day.

Chapter 13: A Zoom wedding

April 13, 2020, 1:30 p.m. Jessica: A Zoom wedding A text from Hanna flashes on my phone while I’m deep in conversation with Claire about my story. I’ve been working for her for nearly a month and I still can’t figure out what she wants. I get the stories—all except that one where none of…

Audiobook: Chapter 8

Jessica calls Dan by mistake while trying to reach her friend for help after an accident. Dan is both worried by her tone and hurt by how quickly she hangs up. Here is the audio version of  the next chapter of Falling in Love While Working From Home, Chapter 8—Jessica: ICE, Dan: Icy Continued….next Wednesday Chapter…

Chapter 9—Jessica: Essential trips

When I don’t answer the call for our FaceTime happy hour, Hanna texts me. “Where the hell are you?”

I raise my phone to thumb in a text. Or more accurately, a call for help. “On the floor. I’ve been trying to call you for fifteen minutes.” Is that all it is? It feels like three days.