Christmas on Amity Street

Tyrone said, “Mama had a silver tree covered with red and green balls. Oh, and candy canes. She had this big old light that shone on the tree with a wheel that changed the colors from red to blue to green to yellow. You should’ve seen it. On Christmas morning, we’d come downstairs and there’s be a present or two for us underneath it. That was cool.”

Comfort and Joy: Part V

Pyotr took my hand and we walked slowly back to our shelf to witness the family’s holiday. At the dining room doorway, he stopped and looked up.
“Do you know what that is?” he asked.
All I could see was a sprig of greenery with a red bow. “Holly? Ivy?”
“No, it’s mistletoe.”

Comfort and Joy: Part IV

The room glowed brighter as music filled the air. I could feel the excitement growing in the room from the music, our being together and knowing that it was Christmas Eve, the night when the real angels sang out the news for the very first time. I could hardly breathe.

Comfort and Joy: Part III

Choir of Angels: Part III It was just as well when the pretty angel rebuffed my attempt at small talk. Ernst and I had gotten out of the habit of conversation. And when was the last time I talked to a girl? For that matter, this was the very first time I’d ever even imagined…

Comfort and Joy: A Christmas tale

“What you looking at, nutcracker?” Addressing me was a smaller snowman, this one in a top hat with a carrot for a nose, poor fellow. I do admit I was staring. He had impossibly pink cheeks that made him look so merry. But as happy as the other snowman was, he was miserable.

How to keep warm this holiday season

E. Elizabeth Watson has shared on her blog a long wonderful list of holiday reads, everything from my little book, Love Letters & Gingerbread, to her Scottish romance Christmas Wore Plaid to a collection of Hanukkah stories. Lots are historical fiction, including those rugged Scots and the always popular Regency. But there are contemporary romances,…

Thanks, E. Elizabeth Watson

A delightful romance! Tilghman skillfully captures the essence of young love and warm Christmas traditions in this holiday novella. – E. Elizabeth Watson author of Westward Bound and The Ladies of Scotland series This is the lovely blurb that appears on the top of my new novella, LOVE LETTERS & GINGERBREAD, my Christmas story set in Annapolis…