On my bookshelf—a #bookstack

Just ordered all of these from the bookstore of the Historical Novel Society. Lots of historic fiction, natch!, but a couple of how-tos, too. I can’t wait to dig in.

Maybe I got a little crazy when I went to the bookstore during the Historical Novel Society but I’d “met” all these great writers and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their work.

The top two are books for writers.

The Business of Being a Writer—Jane Friedman

Take Off Your Pants!—Libbie Hawker

The rest cover a variety of time zones. I can recommend every single one!

Flight to Freedom—Ana Veciana-Suarez—a child’s telling of the revolution in Cuba. Short and hard to put down.

Wild Women and the Blues—Denny S. Bryce—You’ll never forget this jazz singer.

The Chelsea Girls—Fiona Davis—The Red Scare comes to a New York hotel and changes two young ambitious women’s lives forever.

Under a Gilded Moon—Joy Jordan-Lake—Still TBR

Daughter of Time—Sarah Woodbury—A modern woman and her child find themselves lost in medieval times. A new twist on time travel

The Phantom’s Apprentice—Heather Webb—Can you ever get enough of the love story of The Phantom of the Opera. I swooned over this one.

Remembrance—Rita Woods—Triple the time lines, triple the heart-stopping pleasure. Haiti in the 18th Century, New Orleans in the 19th, and Ohio in current days. Remembrance is magical.

Unraveled—M.K. Tod—Set between the world wars, a veteran must return to the places that still give him nightmares. Ah, but there’s a story of love in here too. I’m still reading but it’s good so far.

So… what are you writing? Or reading?


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