On my bookshelf—a #bookstack

Just ordered all of these from the bookstore of the Historical Novel Society. Lots of historic fiction, natch!, but a couple of how-tos, too. I can’t wait to dig in.

Maybe I got a little crazy when I went to the bookstore during the Historical Novel Society but I’d “met” all these great writers and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their work.

The top two are books for writers.

The Business of Being a Writer—Jane Friedman

Take Off Your Pants!—Libbie Hawker

The rest cover a variety of time zones.

Flight to Freedom—Ana Veciana-Suarez

Wild Women and the Blues—Denny S. Bryce

The Chelsea Girls—Fiona Davis

Under a Gilded Moon—Joy Jordan-Lake

Daughter of Time—Sarah Woodbury

The Phantom’s Apprentice—Heather Webb

Remembrance—Rita Woods

Unraveled—M.K. Tod

Except for Take Off Your Pants!, I haven’t started a single one. More to come…

So… what are you writing? Or reading?


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