On my bookshelf

img_4518What have I been reading?


THE DREAMER, by Alexa Jacobs. 

Alexa Jacobs‘ The Dreamer asks a question: What would happen if you could inhabit the world of dreams? What if you could witness the strange events that happen only when we are asleep?  💝💝💝

Song SONG OF BLOOD AND STONE, by L. Penelope

Jasminda and Jack, an orphan and an injured spy, go on an epic quest in a magical treacherous world. The fate of their world depends on their courage and their teamwork. So, so good.


IMG_00EA2BDFD7FA-1I recently read two of the historical romances of Ms. Jenkins, a prolific romance writer and winner of the 2017 Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, HOMECOMING AND THE TAMING OF JESSI ROSE.  And I will read more. Beautiful language. Compelling characters and a side of history I didn’t know. HOMECOMING, a Christmas novella, was so good—two old lovers, a Buffalo Soldier and a school teacher, meet again when she comes home to visit her mother—I quickly ran to the shelves for THE TAMING OF JESSI ROSE. An African-American western, it’s sexy and historical. In other words, pretty darn perfect.

IMG_8702B405EC5E-1QUEEN SUGAR, Natalie Baszile, narrated by Miriam Hyman.

A contemporary story of Charley, a city girl who inherits a sugar cane farm in Louisiana from her father. I could almost smell the humid, sweet air and hear the bugs singing. I did not know when I picked it up that it’s the basis of a series on the Oprah Winfrey Network. I loved the narrator’s voice of Charley, warm and rich with a hint of hope that never fades.


One of those classics I should have read a long time ago. The scene, an early one of John wandering through New York City on his birthday, was breathtaking. It’s told from the perspective of a little African American child, a boy who feels uncomfortable in the white people’s world only a few blocks from his familiar Harlem. He hooked me and drew me into a world far different from my comfortable surroundings.