Audiobook: Chapter 20

“How’s Lori holding up?”
“She’s fine. We has a visitor yesterday and I’m waiting for her to ask me about him.”
“Yeah?” Now I’m curious.
“Her dad came to see us.”
I did not see that coming.

Audiobook—Chapter 18: The Real World

As I listen for the sixth, or maybe it’s the seventh time, to bits of what I recorded, I hear exhaustion, a little fear or maybe it’s just concern for their own health, and I hear pride, too. These people, from the techs to the EMTs to the nurses and doctors, signed up to save lives.
That’s what they’re struggling to do now.
And I’m trying to figure out how to tell their story so my readers know there are lots and lots of heroes out there.

Audiobook: Chapter 12

Here (a little late, sorry about that) is the audio version of Chapter 12 Dan: April showers, Jessica: Puzzles and promises In the next chapter of my #pandemic #romance, Dan gets up the nerve to call Jessica—this time it’s personal. To Jessica’s surprise, he’s got an ally—Lori.  Next Wednesday:  Chapter 13—A Zoom wedding.  I’m looking for…

Audiobook: Chapter 10

Three weeks into the Covid-19 During yet another walk with his dog Rex, Dan discovers Jessica’s secret. Jessica discovers something else, she might just be falling for Dan. Here is the audio version of  the next chapter of Falling in Love While Working From Home, Chapter 10—Dan: Secrets, Jessica: Revelations Continued….next Wednesday Chapter 11—Dan: BIRTHDAY WISHES.…