GLORIA, by Jessica Lynch—a book review

This little holiday gem, GLORIA by Jessica Lynch, came to me via romance writers’ fundraiser for the Georgia elections, Romancing the Runoff.

I’ll admit I chose the book for its cover. Pretty, isn’t it? Besides, it was just what I wanted for lazy winter reading, a sweet romance set at the holidays.

Book Quote Wednesday-TEST

A regular feature on Twitter, #BookQW, is designed to give readers a taste of what we’re writing. This week’s word is TEST. My quote comes from INN BY THE LAKE, published in e-book in December by Champagne Books. The paperback will be released in February. DeWayne saved their lives. Maybe not literally, but if he…

Travel Thursday: Wilmington, DE

My main male character, Luke, in INN BY THE LAKE, has moved away from his parents’ inn in Western Maryland to work at a construction firm in their marketing department. It’s a job he likes, even if it keeps him away from home and his beloved Deep Creek Lake. Because I have enjoyed my time in this insurance, banking and corporate center, I decided he’d find it a good place to work.

But visit? Just for fun? Why?

Christmas on Amity Street

Tyrone said, “Mama had a silver tree covered with red and green balls. Oh, and candy canes. She had this big old light that shone on the tree with a wheel that changed the colors from red to blue to green to yellow. You should’ve seen it. On Christmas morning, we’d come downstairs and there’s be a present or two for us underneath it. That was cool.”

Comfort and Joy: Part V

Pyotr took my hand and we walked slowly back to our shelf to witness the family’s holiday. At the dining room doorway, he stopped and looked up.
“Do you know what that is?” he asked.
All I could see was a sprig of greenery with a red bow. “Holly? Ivy?”
“No, it’s mistletoe.”