Worth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️? Or just ⭐️?

Here’s the review page for FEARLESS SUMMER on Goodreads.

Did you read FEARLESS SUMMER? Did you get out your hankie? Dab away a little something from the corner of your eye? Sigh with contentment when you closed it?

Did you—metaphorically, since this is an e-book—throw it across the room and call it a piece of crap? Or, oh no I hope not, worse?

Did you know a book review, good or bad, can affect a book’s sales? Some readers even like to see three-star or one-star — because it shows people who aren’t the author’s friends are reading these books. Either way, IMHO, writing a book review is a true sign of book love.

This post is a shameless request for a review. You can write something short and pithy—this isn’t one of those book reports you had to write in the sixth grade. Loved it, especially those sisters…Thought the setting was convincing and authentic…Dialogue sparkled…Never was a love story told with such poetry. You get the idea. A few sentences is all it takes.

I’ll be eternally grateful if you post either on Amazon or Goodreads. Better yet, copy and paste the review on both.


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